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Thursday, September 01, 2005

TOP 10 Hottest Hurricane Names for September 2005

Still on the fence as to what to call that hurricane coming at your city? In this special edition of HottestBabyNames, we'll take you inside for a VIP look at this nation's 10 HOTTEST AND MOST AWESOME hurricane names!

10. Ohmygod!!!
9. Runforthehills!!!
8. Latoya Jackson
7. Maury Povich
6. Hurricane Hugo Boss
5. Katrina
4. ThiswillresultinascenefromDudewheresmycar
3. Cantwaituntilthepawnshopreopens3monthsfromnow
2. Terri Schiavo
1. El Nino

Monday, June 06, 2005

TOP 10 Hottest Baby Names for June 2005

Oops! I forgot about May here at, so let's skip right to June. Do you need a name for your new baby, like NOW? Pick one of these HOT and POPULAR names!

10. Sharapova
9. Blogward J. Blogalamadan (Arabic)
8. Deepthroat
7. Danicastillhasabigfatpeter
6. Thechildwhoshallovercomeallodds
5. Wolverine
4. Watchoutforthatchokinghazard!
3. Leslie
2. Alice Bundy
1. Tripe

Thursday, April 28, 2005

TOP 10 Hottest Baby Names for April 2005

The documentation is in! These are the hottest baby names in America right at this very moment!

10. Unbornfetus
9. Walmart
8. The Antichrist
7. Judgmentapproaches
6. Americawestandasone
5. DoesmyHMOcoverthisdelivery?
4. Jackee
3. Earthcrises
2. Stopcryingyoustupidstupidinfant
1. Nancy Kerrigan Jr.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

She's adorable! And purebred.

Take a look at this bundle of joy sent in by carlos:

Congratulations go to the proud mother & father, Texas Justice.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

TOP 10 Hottest Baby Names for March 2005

I've toiled over countless spreadsheets and documents online and found that these are the Hottest Baby Names for March of 2005!

10. Stupidbaby
9. Douchie
8. Arnoldschestislikerobertgoulet
7. Slavechild
6. Craig
5. Melanoma
4. Baby Bash
3. Futureslut
2. Notgay
1. Debateoverthefateofterrischiavo

I think that last one is kinda long, but people just love unique names for their babies!


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